Hello, my name is Cal

I'm a BSc Computer Science student & freelancer from the UK


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I'm a part-time freelance developer and sometimes designer based in the UK. I have been creating software and websites for over 3 years and have been providing my services professionally through freelancing since May 2017. When I'm not freelancing I'm often watching Rick and Morty or studying for my degree.

Website Design

I can create a new website from scratch, work from a mockup you've designed, or even integrate software into your current website.

Website Development

Using PHP and a database, I can add more functionality to your website such as a content management system or contact system.

Software Development

With Java I can create simple or advanced software that functions exactly how you need it to. Contact me for more information.


Below are some featured items from my portfolio that I had fun making.
You can view more by clicking the button or by contacting me.

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