The following terms of service declares the official agreement between the developer and client which is not to be broken or punishments will arise against the party that has broken the agreement.

  1. The client is not allowed to chargeback, this is set. If the developer feels that he’s not done enough work for the client for the money the client has given so far, the developer may refund the client a portion of the money paid.
  2. The client will pay 50% upfront and then the deadline starts. The deadline does not start after the said parties agree on a price and deadline, only after the client pays. The client will pay the remaining 50% after seeing the plugin on the testing server which shall be given by the developer after the plugin is created.
  3. All payments are in friends and family, no exceptions. The said parties can break up the payment into smaller sections if need be.
  4. The client will receive bug fixes within a month of the plugin being created.
  5. The client does not receive rights to the software made by the developer, but the developer is not given permission to resell or distribute UNLESS the client breaks the TOS. Some rights include…
    1. Selling the software.
    2. Giving the software away.
  6. The client will not decompile the software and modify it, the client may however view it to see if it has anything which potentially can harm the client’s security. The client can pay extra for the source if needed.
  7. The developer is allowed to, at any point, remove the request if the developer is busy with real life issues of any sort, but the developer must refund the client.
  8. If the client was extra features or modifications the client must pay an agreed on cost for the modifications/features.
  9. Any features you add while I’m working on the project or after the project is completed I will charge you for.
  10. I can reject your offer if you are asking me to make ideas, you want to modify terms, or if I feel I don't have time for it.
  11. I am allowed to change this at any time, it is your responsibility to check back on it from time to time.
  12. By purchasing a plugin from the developer you automatically agree to all of these terms and conditions.


  1. You must be at least 15 years of age to use my service.
  2. You must have a verified PayPal (bank account and credit card attached), and provide proof (By sending me two cents via PayPal goods and services, and I’ll refund.).
  3. You must have at least +5 positive reputation, 50 reactions, and 100 messages.


  1. The developer will never work again with the client.
  2. The developer will pursue legal action against the client.
  3. The developer will write up an article about the client and post it on his website to warn others about the client.
  4. The developer will have the client’s PayPal suspended depending on the clause broken.
  5. The developer will open source the software.