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Terms of Service

~When purchasing from us, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service.
1. No refunds. Unless we are unable to provide the product, you will not receive any refund from us.
2. Chargebacks will not be tolerated. If you chargeback on us, we will file a scam report on you and take needed action.
3. We will provide updates of your build daily. However, once we're done with the product, you may only request small changes. If you request a large change on the final product, we may deny it unless you pay an additional amount.
4. Payments are only taken via PayPal Friends and Family.
5. We require 50% upfront before any commission is started. Once you pay the 50%, we will provide updates until the final product is done. In order to receive the final product, you will have to pay the rest of the full amount agreed on.
6. You may not re-sell or leak any of our builds.
7. Builds are completely yours after the full amount is paid for them. They're 100% your responsibility once sold.

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