Website Creation

Nelexa is more than capable of creating your brand a website. When creating websites Nelexa uses modern frameworks and technologies. This ensures that your website will be bespoke on any device and any screen resolution. Our engineers will listen to all of your requirements and feedback to make a site that fits your needs.

Application Creation

As well as websites, Nelexa can create useful applications for your brand. When creating these applications Nelexa follows strict coding standards to ensure that the application runs smoothly. Whether you want an advanced application or a simple application, Nelexa is happy to help. Our engineers will listen to your requirements and keep you updated on their progress.


Nelexa doesn't just hold engineers. Nelexa holds talented designers. Our designers are able to create brands from the ground up with only their graphics tablet, keyboard, and mouse! Our designers will work alongside you to produce exactly what you want.

Website Management

The engineers at Nelexa are more than capable of helping you maintain your website. Whether you need some layout changes, some content updating or some new hosting, our engineers are happy to help. [our engineers can help maintain any website - it doesn't have to be a website made by Nelexa].

And so much more...

  • Website Creation

  • Application Creation

  • Design

  • Minecraft Plugins

  • Website Management

  • Website Hosting

  • Content Creation

  • Domain Registration

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