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Here you can buy Amazing Quality Configs that have been used and tested on real servers! That guarantees almost no bugs and it also means your players will like them!


We also offer High Quality Setups that you can get started with in a matter of seconds. All of these Setups were once real servers meaning that there are little to no bugs.


We offer High Quality Builds too. These Builds are made with your players in mind! They were made with Extreme Care, and have Extra Detail, so Your Players will enjoy each of them!


We also offer a bunch of Miscellaneous Products as well! These range from Custom Plugins to Custom Graphics, to Custom Websites! Made with You in mind!


Welcome to Zeiyon™, the site for users on a budget to get high quality products worth every penny. The services we provide include Minecraft Setups, Configurations, Plugins and Graphics, with all of our products costing significantly less than other leading designers. We take the customers needs very seriously and will not stop until they are completely satisfied with their order, so you'll never be let down when using our services. Everything here at Zeiyon™ is also completely custom made, resulting in high quality products exclusive to Zeiyon™ that you wouldn't find anywhere else, especially for the cheap price we're offering. So what are you waiting for?