Zeiyon's Service - Terms of Service(ToS)
Service Page: https://www.Zeiyon.com/
LAST EDIT - 15 JUNE 2017

1) General

a. Zeiyon reserves the right to terminate service(s) for limitations listed in ToS or violation of service terms.
i. Any situation not addressed by ToS will be handled reasonably at the full discretion of Zeiyon on a case-by-case basis directly with the client and MC-Market Staff if necessary.
b. ToS applicable immediately following the completion of any form of payment via PayPal.
c. Any violation of ToS may result in the Ban of a client's MC-Market account and/or legal pursuance to collect funds or reimburse damages depending on the severity of the violation as decided by Zeiyon.
d. ToS are subject to change at any time without warning or notification and are immediately applicable to all Digital Product* and Services.
e. This ToS will only be valid and official at this URL link: (http://zeiyon.com/tos.php).
i. Any other copy, document or link will not be valid at any time for any reason.
(a) In other words, do not copy this ToS into another Pastebin(or related site) and expect it to be honored.

2) Licensing and Usage

a. All Digital Products* developed by Zeiyon are the sole property of Zeiyon.
b. The Purchaser is granted a non-exclusive license/right to make use of the digital work on their personally owned server(s), and under this license you may not:
i. Transfer the products or materials to another person, person's server(s) or "mirror" the materials to a third party in any form, modified or unmodified.

3) Trademarks and Copyrights

a. You may not claim intellectual or exclusive ownership of any Digital Products* created by Zeiyon, modified or unmodified.
b. You are not allowed to redistribute, paid or unpaid, any Digital Products* by Zeiyon, modified or unmodified. Nor can a user use any of Zeiyon's Digital Products*, modified or unmodified, on a website or any other medium for distribution or be included in any other service(ie. "MC-Market Services & Recruitment") without consent from Zeiyon.
i. Includes other MC-Market Service Offerings/Services, MC-Market or any form of distribution platform for digital product sales(paid or unpaid) or trading.
ii. Includes posting a public Pastebin/Hastebin(or related) link visible to public regardless of the intent of use.

4) Limitations

a. In no event or circumstance shall Zeiyon be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data, players, customers or profit due to any form of issue or service interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use Zeiyon's products, modified or unmodified, even if Zeiyon has been notified orally or in writing of the possibility of such damage.
b. Zeiyon does not offer free configuration upgrades after the 12-hour post-implementation window.
i. This includes default configuration modifications made to any configurations that require configuration modifications to remain stable, usable or effective.
ii. Zeiyon may make free recommendations for changes on a case-by-case request by past clients, but will not send unlimited free upgrades/changes for life.
(a) Zeiyon will offer upgrades at a small convenience fee or possibly a service vouch/review if pre-approved by Zeiyon.

5) Payments

a. Zeiyon requires a full payment of the advertised or discussed pricing for any service(s) prior to any service completion.
b. Services are not started until full payment is received and in a completed status on PayPal.
c. 100% of all payments will be done through PayPal with the account Talhalab@hotmail.com
i. Services for any monetary transaction with a PayPal account other than Talhalab@hotmail.com will not be honored.

6) Refunds and Chargebacks

a. Zeiyon reserves the right to keep the full payment and deny further support/services under these circumstances:
i. The client requests/demands a different level of service or upgrade to a previously approved service that has already been paid without paying cost difference at Zeiyon's discretion (you do not decide/change what my service is worth or not worth after paying).
(a) Unusable Digital Products* due to the client's choice to ignore possible server incompatibilities(listed on service page) does not constitute a refund or for Zeiyon to readdress a Digital Product* for free.
(b) Changes to Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon that render the Digital Products* less effective or unusable is not a responsibility of Zeiyon outside the 12-hour support window.
ii. The client requests the product, modified or unmodified, to be resent after being originally sent following a completed service.
(a) Does not include modifications made by Zeiyon during the 12-hour service window or later, agreed upon upgrades.
(b) Mainly for a client who fails to utilize the Digital Products* at the time of service completion and wants another copy, modified or unmodified, at a later date after the original 48-hour support window.
(i) Ex. Buying the service on a temporary promotional discount when the server is not ready and requesting the current service to be resent later on after the server is running.
iii. The client challenges charges via PayPal or posts a chargeback for funds without first contacting Zeiyon(see ToS #9).
(a) Any form of forced refund/chargeback, with or without prior attempt to contact the seller, will result in legal pursuance for collection of lost funds and potential damages.
(b) Clients are given options for avenues to receive refunds and by submitting payment for Digital Products*, all clients universally wave the right to forcibly recover funds for any paid service(s), regardless of a client's personal expectations of said service(s), even if Zeiyon is informed orally or in writing of said expectations.
(i) We will pursue you legally(or via PayPal claims department) and you will be responsible for all fees, damages to property(including intellectual and digital) and/or penalties from financial institutions or legal fees (including, without limitation to, credit card companies, banks, lawyers or PayPal). We will also make sure you lose partial or full access to MC-Market.
b. Refunds or partial refunds could be issued under the following circumstances at Zeiyon's full discretion.
i. A service is found to be incompatible to the point where the default configuration setup is more effective than the provided service.
(a) Excludes listed incompatibilities on the service page: http://www.Zeiyon.com/ or http://www.mc-market.org/resources/authors/16802/
(b) Excludes changes to Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon that render the service less effective or unusable outside of the 12-hour support window.
ii. Zeiyon refuses reasonable support during the 12-hour post-implementation window.
(a) You will be provided adequate time if issues arise. The support will extend(at Zeiyon's full discretion on a case by case basis) if you are reasonable and patient with your requests for support.
iii. Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon, Minecraft or MC-Market is updated and makes the service less effective or unusable within the 12-hour support window.
(a) There will first be an attempt to make the service compatible and the client must be helpful in that process to constitute a refund if modifications will not allow for compliance.
c. No refund(s) will be given under the following circumstances unless Zeiyon decides otherwise:
i. The client has or later installs plugins/resources on a server that makes Zeiyon's service or Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon, incompatible or less effective.
ii. The client attempts to use the agreed upon Digital Product* on other personally owned servers without disclosing the intent of use on them at the time of purchase.
(a) Ex. Purchasing a setup for a "vanilla" type server and then using it on an advanced, custom server setup that conflicts.
iii. Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon, MC-Market or Minecraft is updated or modified and becomes incompatible with a client's server(s), Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon or Zeiyon's Digital Products* after the 12-hour support window.
iv. The user fails to adhere to "Server Requirements" and has inappropriate versioning that renders Any Digital Product Sold by Zeiyon or Zeiyon's Digital Products* unusable or less effective.
(a) You will be helped with troubleshooting, but your inability to comply with clear instructions is not grounds for refund.

7) Content and Conduct Rules

a. You agree that you will not use any of Zeiyon's products or materials for anything unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortuous, vulgar, obscene, libelous or invasive of another person's privacy or property.
i. The sole purpose is for use on the customer's personal server(s) and any use outside of that use may violate ToS.

8) Affiliates

a. Zeiyon and Digital Products* offered by Zeiyon are in no way directly affiliated with MC-Market, Minecraft, MojangAB, Original Plugin Developer, PayPal or any of their related/affiliated personnel or services.
i. Zeiyon's Digital Products* are condoned by the plugin author but are not supported or recognized by the plugin author as an official extension of the plugin.
b. This service is offered via MC-Market "Resources" section, is subject to their rules/terms and customers of this service are by proxy requiring adherence to the same rules: (http://www.mc-market.org/policies/rules/)
i. Any violation of MC-Market Resources rules may be grounds for service termination.

9) Contact

a. For any questions regarding this ToS, contact Zeiyon via MC-Market private messaging or through https://www.Zeiyon.com/contact.php .
* Digital Products - all products created by Zeiyon(Mc-Market Username), that are therefore licensed under Zeiyon's "Terms of Service".
** Terms for any service(s) relating to any form of product offered in conjunction with this service page: https://www.Zeiyon.com/